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Support for Cancer patients

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When you are diagnosed with cancer, your life changes immediately and drastically. And it will never be the same again. Your familiar world collapses and you find yourself in strange and uncharted territory, faced with difficult situations and decisions. The diagnosis is frightening, the medical procedures are painful and long, and the prognosis and outcome of the disease uncertain. A difficult situation becomes even harder if you live alone, and don't know who to ask, who to talk to, and who to turn to for help and support. The severe psychological effect that a cancer diagnosis has on people is often followed by depression, anxiety and isolation, which often also affect the families and friends of those afflicted.

It is during these darkest hours that cancer sufferers need support the most - support that can:

•  provide them with important information they need in their most difficult moments,
•  direct them to the proper institution for cancer treatment,
•  offer them encouragement and hope,
•  accompany them through the entire course of treatment and provide them with much-needed emotional support when confusion, uncertainty, and apprehension occur, and
•  provide help getting life “back to normal” after the treatment is over.

“CancerInfo ” is a support service dedicated to meeting these needs on an ecumenical basis - supporting cancer patients equally, regardless of race, sex, language, nationality, or religious faith.

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