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Construction of apartments for 37 socially vulnerable families

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Currently there is an underway realization of the project “Owner Driven House Rehabilitation of Houses for Flood Affected Vulnerable People in Serbia – Housing of 37 socially vulnerable families who lost accommodation in floods in Obrenovac and Lazarevac”. Cooperation protocol signatories are Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization from Novi Sad, City of Belgrade and municipality of Lazarevac and municipality of Obrenovac. The project is intended for 37 socially vulnerable families who lost accommodation (on territories of municipality of Lazarevac and municipality of Obrenovac) in May 2014 floods. Construction works of six houses (modules) with 21 housing units, in settlement Šljivice of Obrenovac are brought to the end. It is expected that 21 socially vulnerable families would move in new accommodation during August 2017.

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Construction site in the settlement Šopići of Lazarevac was open in March 2017. Completion of construction works with 16 housing units and moving-in of 16 socially vulnerable families is planned for August 2017. The construction of 37 apartments is a component of the project that aided 400 families from Obrenovac, Lazarevac, Šabac and Valjevo through construction material and technical supervision, thereby improving their post-flood housing conditions by the end of 2015.

Project donors are Swiss foundation Swiss Solidarity and HEKS-EPER (Switzerland). EHO is local partner of HEKS-EPER in charge for project realization.

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