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Eurodiaconia Annual General Meeting 13 - 15 June in Novi Sad


The 2012 Eurodiaconia Annual General Meeting will be held on 13 – 15 June in Novi Sad, Serbia and hosted by the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organisation.

The theme for this AGM is based around the impact of the Financial and Economic Crisis. Eurodiaconia can see an impact on the services they provide, as thier three reports on the crisis have shown.  Eurodiaconia can see an impact on the rights and responsibilities it’s members should enjoy in Europe, particularly the right to access services and the responsibilities they have to develop participative communities where no one is left out or left behind.  An impact on their values can be seen also.  The question is raised, can Europe continue to have economies built on growth at any cost rather than developing socially cohesive societies?  The way how Europe responds to these challenges also shapes diaconal identity od Eurodiaconia members. Throughout the AGM there will be opportunities to reflect on each of these elements through discussions, workshops, plenary sessions and informally.

For more information about the AGM 13-15 June event click here.

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