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EHO assists refugees in Šid, Principovac and Adaševci

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In the second week of November 2015, a decision on the change of refugee route through Serbia was made on the state level. In this decision, border crossing Berkasovo-Bapska was closed for refugee entrance to Croatia, and a bilateral agreement has arranged refugee transport to the railway station in Šid/Serbia and further by train to the admission center in Slavonski Brod/Croatia. Until the arrival of train from Šid to Croatia, refugees shall rest in admission center in Motel “Adaševci”, along the highway Belgrade-Zagreb.

In the period from 1st to 30th November 2015, EHO has organized an all-day field work in accordance with the new rulebook of the Refugee&Migration Commissariat within Motel “Adaševci”. Also, EHO has organized a per-demand delivery of humanitarian aid to admission centers in Principovac/Serbia and Railway station in Šid.

Project coordination and realization and aid distribution was participated by EHO staff&volunteers from Šid and Novi Sad.

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In the 30 days of field work EHO distributed 37500 packs of humanitarian aid, namely, 13 tons apples, 40000 pastry buns&rolls, 20000 l water, 20000 chocolate bars, 15000 biscuit packs, 10000 peanut packs, 6500 dry fruit packs, 13000 small honey doses, 1000 soaps, 10000 packs of tissue wipes, 10000 packs of wipe tissues, 100 backpaks, 80 blankets, 100 shoe pairs, 800 sock pairs, 100 track suits, 400 winter caps and gloves, 500 laundry items, 500 panty liners and 100 diaper packs.

During four weeks of field work in the area of Šid, EHO distributed humanitarian aid for about 45000 refugees.

First Aid services of EHO Mobile Medical Team in the Motel “Adaševci” admission center (basic medical exam, wound&injury treatment and administering medication) were used by about 2700 refugees during November 2015.

Information and translation services were used by about 780 refugees.

The project is implemented in cooperation and with the financial support of the Swiss partner/donors HEKS-EPER, SWISS SOLIDARITY and SDC, and with financial support of the Norwegian partner Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), including German partners Brot für die Welt and Diakonie Württemberg, along with local partners/donors UNHCR and HCIT.

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