The mechanism of Local initiatives for impact in society

Predstavljanje rezultata lokalnih inicijativa

13. Oct 2020.

The results of the 5-month work of EHO associates in 6 municipalities in Serbia were presented on 13 October 2020 in EHO Center. Presented were results of work of our associates in six local initiatives realized from May to September 2020 in six municipalities in Serbia. The impact and social chenge was seen in increased happines and better support to people with disabilities, Roma, returnees under the Readmission Agreement and school children.

Local initiatives were implemented within the project "Local mechanisms for the integration of marginalized groups". Local initiatives were focused on solving problems of vulnerable groups in their local communities. Representatives of Civil Society Associations that were supported through this project presented the most remarkable results in working with marginalized groups and the ways they brought positive social change in their local communities.

In Sremska Mitrovica, educational material was donated to children with autism; in Bačko Gradište, students from socially vulnerable families were provided with assistance during enrollment in high school; Roma students from Smederevska Palanka now have a smart board for the Romani language; craft courses for Roma women were held in Kragujevac; in Lebane, citizens were provided with information on how to exercise their civil rights and more easily fulfill their obligations, file complaints and appeals… residents of Babušnica underwent a systematic health examination.

The project "Local mechanisms for the integration of marginalized groups" is a project aimed at strengthening local mechanisms for socio-economic integration of marginalized groups in the Republic of Serbia. The project is financially supported by the Hoffnung für Osteuropa and Diakonie Württemberg, both from Germany.