Earth Day was celebrated in the Šid reception center

Dan planete Zemlje

22. Apr 2021.

In April, the implementation of the project "Empowerment of Refugee Women and Children" (ELCA) continued in the reception centers in Šid and Sombor. As April 22 is Earth Day, educators hired to provide support to women and children in the above-mentioned reception centers helt a workshop called "Let's save the planet". The goal of the workshop was to point out the problems that our planet is facing. In the introductory part of the workshop, the educators talked to the children about the way we can preserve our environment in small steps. The second part of the workshop was planned for making a model of the globe. Using a variety of crafting techniques through painting styrofoam balls with tempera, drawing with felt-tip pens, gluing stickers, participants had fun and learned how they can contribute to improving and preserving their environment. 

There are currently 153 people in the Reception Center in Šid, of which 56 are children, while the Reception Center in Sombor accommodates 1,000 people, 27 of them children.