Each child deserves a chance

31. Aug 2021.

A summer program in the curriculum of elementary schools in Žabalj and Djurdjevo was relized within the project "Providing additional support in the education of children from vulnerable groups in response to a pandemic Covide 19".

Every Saturday, tutors and children met in the premises of primary schools and, in addition to learning and playing, created inseparable ties with each other. Along with the game, we learned and prepared for the start of the school year that has just begun. Through activities during the summer program, in addition to learning and working, we also aimed to connect tutors and children and gain mutual trust that will facilitate their learning and work during the school year.

We asked our tutors to share their impressions of their engagement in this project, and Jelena Mitrović, tutor at the activities in Đurđevo, reported:

"Every child deserves a chance. That is what we make happen in this project. The support we provide to children and their families means a lot to them, and it means little time and effort to us. For me, this project is a very important step towards a better future for children at risk of social exclusion with an emphasis on education and finishing primary school. Every child is important and every change is invaluable. As a tutor on this project, I extremely appreciate the experience I gain in working with children, and every contact with them fills me every day."

The project is being implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Žabalj, O.Š. "Miloš Crnjanski", Žabalj, elementary school „J. J. Zmaj ”, Đurđevo, the Center for Social Work of the Municipality of Žabalj and the Office for Roma Inclusion.

The project is funded by the @heks_eper , Switzerland.