Support to the integration of returnee families - Alčić family

06. Sep 2021.

The Alčić family from Lebane was supported during 2020/21 through the project "Support to the Integration of Returnee Families" which the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) has been implementing since 2016 with the support of Diakonia Württemberg and Hope for Eastern Europe (HfO).

The project contributes to better integration of returnees from Germany to Serbia, their dignified return and prevention of repeated illegal migration.

As part of the project, the family was supported by a Start Up Grant - a donation of a chainsaw, and construction materials for the rehabilitation and renovation of home and roof and the purchase of Household appliances.

The mother of the family is a person with hearing impairment, so the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization bought her a hearing aid.

The support for the family was provided through the Integration Network consisting of 25 local associates, established by the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization in 2016 with the aim of helping the integration of returnee families returning from the Federal Republic of Germany to the Republic of Serbia under the Readmission Agreement.

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