Celebrated 5th December, International Day of Volunteers

Podela novogodišnjih paketića

07. Dec 2021.

During the past weekend, and on the occasion of 05 December, International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development, our volunteers in the project “Field work with children at risk from involvement in life and/or work on street” took part in the distribution of New Year gift packs to children. The activities of the above mentioned project are supported by the H. Stepic CEE Charity  which involved engagement of 20 volunteers in the 2021. Children and youth were supported directly in the field through the organization of various workshops, and also directly in educational institutions, ie primary schools „Jožef Atila“, „Vuk Karadžić“ from Novi Sad and „Veljko Petrović“ from Begeč. The same form of support was given to beneficiaries of the Drop-Out for Children and Youth in Novi Sad.

Since the beginning of the project, volunteers have been and continue to be the driving force behind the project. A large number of volunteers have been involved since 2009, when the implementation of project activities began. Volunteering, as a means of enabling an individual to actively participate in the community, is what EHO nurtures in its work with volunteers.