Realization of the "Youth Exchange" Program

27. Apr 2022.

The fourteenth ecumenical youth exchange between the sister cities of Novi Sad and Dortmund was realized in the period from April 9 to 16 in Novi Sad. In the mentioned period, the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization hosted young people from the organizations Evangelisch Jugend Dortmund und Lünen and Ev. Noah Kirchgemeinde Dortmund. The theme of this year's youth exchange was "Diversity and Gender Equality". In addition to lectures and interactive workshops on the topic, the program content of the exchange included visits to numerous institutions and civil society organizations that are aimed at raising awareness and providing assistance and support to various vulnerable groups. On that occasion, we visited the reception center for refugees in Šid, the Shelter for Children and Youth of Novi Sad, the group "Come Out", the Center "Live Upright", the Youth Capital of Europe Novi Sad - "OPENS", CC13. Also, cultural events were visited within the promotion of Novi Sad as the European Capital of Culture for 2022. During the exchange, the Evangelical Church in Novi Sad was also visited.

The program was attended by young volunteers who are involved in various program contents of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization and volunteers Evangelisch Jugend Dortmund und Lünen and Ev. Noah Kirchgemeinde Dortmund, ages 17 to 26. The next youth exchange is planned for June 2022, when young people from Novi Sad will visit Dortmund and Dusseldorf.