Photo Exhibition "Imprint of Charity"

This page contains pictures digital version of photographs presented in the Cultural Station "Barka" in Novi Sad in the period 10-16. October 2023
The exhibition "The Imprint of Charity" contains documentary photographs created during the 30 years of work of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization.
Through 30 photographs, created from 1993 to the present day, we wish to show not only what the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization was doing in that period, but what is even more important, we want to send a message with our "Imprint of Charity" that there is always some space for good deeds and a way to achieve them. We can all change the world for the better!
The photos show the activities of EHO since the 1990s, such as the distribution of aid to the resident and refugee population, the work of the mobile medical team and humanitarian pharmacy, free kitchens, work with internally displaced persons, Roma, people with disabilities, the elderly, with people who were affected by floods or harsh winters, until recently and working with people on the move and refugees, children and young people...
Every photo has its own story and history. Move your cursor over the image for more information, and for a larger image, click on the image.

Volunteer team "Green Ladies", 2018 Young returnee family supported by new PVC windows and doors, 2021. House repair and upgrade support, 2012.
Free kitchen, 1993 – 2001. Club for Seniors, 2011. Supplemental educational support, 2021.
Post-flood aid distribution in Banat, 2006. A migrant baby on the bus window on their way to the West, 2016. Construction of the EHO center, 2005.
Shelter for children and youth, 2011. EHO caretaker in a home care visit, 2011. Cash-card distribution in the Reception center Krnjača, 2022.
In the new bathroom, 2022. Realization of the Intercultural learning program in Opovo, 2014. Gardening aid - tomato seedlings, 1997.
A visitation to flooded area, 2014. Laundry washing and 2nd hand wardrobe distribution point, 2001. Free kitchen distribution point, 1997.
Firewood distribution, 2012. Walk for Life, 2005. Personal children's Assistant in Raška, 2022.
Club for the eldarly and other challenged persons, 2022. Humanitarian pharmacy and Mobile medical team, 1997. Youth Reconciliation Meeting - Cross Border Cycle, 1998.
One of Prayers for peace series events in the 1990s. Aid distribution, 1996. Roma School in "Bangladeš" settlement, 2000.
Kids learn to use new software and smart boards during the COVID19 pandemic, 2020. New trumpet for Cvetković family in Lebane, 2021. Domestic violence prevention training session in Bačko Gradište, 2021.