EHO Tailor Workshop: Tailoring and Sewing Course 2021

20. Sep 2021.

EHO organized a new round of the Tailoring and Sewing Course intended for people with disabilities and people from marginalized groups or harder to employ people. The course starts on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 from 9AM to 12 AM and ...

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Support to the employment of marginalized groups

17. Sep 2021.

All interested parties from marginalized groups from Vojvodina who plan to register their business activities can apply for economic empowerment grants by e-mail or call +38169707960. Deadline: 01.10.2021.

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Each child deserves a chance

31. Aug 2021.

The project facilitates a better future for children at risk of social exclusion with an emphasis on education and finishing primary school. Every child is important and every change is invaluable. Tutors and children in Žabalj and Đurđevo gained mutual trust for learning and work in...

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Youth exchange in Dortmund

24. Aug 2021.

This year's exchange was realized in the sister city of Dortmund, with the theme "European identity", in order to promote European identity, European citizenship and exchange opinions and attitudes of young people on the importance of strengthening citizen participation in local...

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step by step

Step by step

23. Aug 2021.

We announce that we produced a short film "Step by Step" on the subject of how economic empowerment and support in education could be the first and most important step towards improving the quality of life. The videos are available in three different languages ​​on our YouTube channel...

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Competition for positions of local field associates

17. Aug 2021.

EHO announces a competition for the positions of local field associates to work on the implementation of activities within the intervention "Access to water" in 11 substandard settlements in 8 local governments, which is implemented within...

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