Picture exhbition and "Urban Desert" film premiere

26. Oct 2020.

The film premiere "Urban Desert" was held at the Novi Sad Children's Cultural Center (NSDKC), Cultural center "Mlin". This documentary is focused on life of children from socially vulnerable families living in substandard settlements on the territory of the city of Novi Sad.

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osnovna skola dusan radovic - radionica - maske

Personal hygiene routine formation workshop held

23. Oct 2020.

Children were helped and encouraged to acquire positive hygiene habits through active participation, group discussion and workshop activities. In the creative part of the workshop, pupils made and decorated the masks themselves.

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Predstavljanje Mreže za integraciju

Social protection services aimed at supporting returnee families

21. Oct 2020.

The round table "Services in the social protection system" organized byEHO on 21 October 2020 is that the needs of returnee families under the Readmission Agreement are multiple and complex, and that they need a comprehensive approach that includes cooperation between governmental and non-governmental sectors in order to strengthen and (re) integrate families.

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Plesom kroz bajku

Dancing through Roma fables and legends

17. Oct 2020.

The intercultural festival "Dancing through a fairy tale" was held at the Theater of Šabac with an aim to further promoting Roma culture and Roma cultural identity, including cultural heritage of other national communities living in the city of Šabac. The festival presented various dance...

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Predstavljanje rezultata lokalnih inicijativa

The mechanism of Local initiatives for impact in society

13. Oct 2020.

The results of the 5-month work of EHO associates in 6 municipalities in Serbia were presented on 13 October 2020 in EHO Center. Presented were results of work of our associates in six local initiatives realized from May to September 2020 in six municipalities in Serbia...

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Voditeljka obuke Jelena Dopuđ i zaposleni EHO-a

A training on basic PR skills in EHO

07. Oct 2020.

Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization organized a training on the basic elements of marketing and PR was for their employees yesterday. Aiming to build PR capacities, the following topics were covered during the all-day training: basics of marketing and PR, online PR...

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"Faith as Resource of Peace" Seminar at Andrevlje

"Faith as Resource of Peace" Seminar at Andrevlje

03. Oct 2020.

A seminar on peacebuilding and reconciliation entitled "Faith as a resource of peace" was held last weekend, 2-3 October 2020, for activists from churches, civil society organizations and all interested parties who are directly or indirectly actively contribute to the development...

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EHO i opština Raška potpisali novi Sporazum o saradnji

Cooperation between EHO and municipality Raška continues

02. Oct 2020.

Cooperation between EHO and Municipality of Raška continues in the project "Social Inclusion of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups 2019-2022" . In that sense, EHO and municipality of Raška signed a Cooperation Agreement on September 29, 2020, which provides further obligations and responsibilities of both project partners.

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Međunarodni dan starijih osoba – 1. oktobar

1st October - The International Day of Older Persons

01. Oct 2020.

Ecumenical humanitarian organization celebrates the 30th birthday of the International Day of Older Persons by giving support to active aging and the inclusion of the elderly in society through various activities in our projects - Club for Seniors and Home Care.

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Demonstracija pametne table u učenju srpskog jezika

Smart-board for pupils in Smederevska Palanka

30. Sep 2020.

EHO procured a smart board to the Elementary school in Smederevska Palanka because of (mostly Roma) pupils, returnees under the Readmission Agreement who are not fluent in Serbian speech and literacy, and with difficulties for active participation in classes...

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Obuka iz digitalne fotografije

A digital photography course

30. Sep 2020.

EHO employees were introduced to the basics of preparing photography for the Internet and social networks, and a special attention was paid to specifics of photographing individuals from vulnerable categories. In the training, employees were practically guided in taking pictures of some activities in the EHO Center.

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Obrazovni alati i aplikacije

Tools and apps for educational purpose

28. Sep 2020.

Project collaborators were introduced to the basic applications for online teaching, tools for creating quizzes and tests (Kahoot, Quizziz and Quizlet), the principles of the inverted classroom and the EdPuzzle tool, as well as the Nearpod tool for creating interactive lessons.

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Softver za radno i socijalno osposobljavanje dece sa invaliditetom

E-accesible Software

28. Sep 2020.

Starting from the premise that all children should have equal access to the education system, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization from Novi Sad and Macedonian organization "Open the Windows" from Skopje implemented, in 2015, a partnership project "Active Inclusion: E-accessible education in Serbia“...

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A new meeting of the Integration Network

27. Sep 2020.

Improving the competencies of the Network of Local Associates for Integration, Exchange of Information and Experiences in the Field of Realization of Specific Activities and Provision of Field Services of Interest to Returnee Families Returned under the Readmission Agreement...

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Weaving course started

25. Sep 2020.

A weaving course for women began at the EHO Day Care Center for Persons with Disabilities on Thursday, 24 September 2020. The selected participants were 6 women from social categories with complicated employment. The first classes are dedicated to the introduction of into the basics...

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