Donate now!

If you may have some shared values with us believing that our activities make an impact in the development of community, them you could be a physical person or legal entity contributing to our work in one or more various ways of your choice.

The bulk of material support to EHO is received from our main donors, yet these resource suffice only for one-time realization of agreed activities. EHO is a non-profit and not-for-profit organization that redirects received donations toward direct support of our beneficiaries and local communities. Yor support directly increases their living quality regardless of its form, size/amount or regularity of giving. No matter if you wish to donate anonymously or together with other contributors, you achieve something  exceedingly more than a mere humane deed, for this action builds bridges between you and other people in your first surroundings and even further.

We would like to suggest several forms of support to the work of our organization:

  • payment donations,
  • in-kind donations


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In-kind donation

If you are in a position to provide some in-kind donations (i.e., second-hand clothes and footwear, food and hygiene items, orthopaedic aids, second hand IT equipment, fire-wood, etc), please call us on  + 381 21 466 588 or +381 21 469 683, or send an e-mail to
Even a single person among ever growing number of our beneficiaries will appreciate it greatly and we'll make sure your donation reaches those in need.
For practical reasons we strongly recommend to consult with us before organising any aid collection action and/or shipment on your own! Local humanitarian aid import, transportation and distribution policies are strict and rigid and we'll gladly share our expertise with you for the best benefit of beneficiries and all other parties involved.
Any data and information received from and about you is confidential. Such data is used in EHO only for internal record-keeping and remains unpublished in any way without your consent or request.