Serbia Floods Response 2023

Massive floods in Western Serbia in May and June 2023 caused great damage to households and agricultural farms. The goal of the EHO project "Serbia Floods Response 2023" is to aid the affected population with a coordinated action through multi-purpose financial assistance and targeted public health counseling.

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Radionica - Prekodolce

Strengthening of local Roma organizations

The main goal of the project is to strengthen and build the capacity of Roma citizens' associations to initiate local initiatives that respond to the social, educational, cultural and other needs of the Roma community and to improve and improve the position of the Roma community at the local level through the implementation of small local projects.

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Additional educational support for returnee children

The project shall contribute to a better motivation of returnees and their families to (re)integrate into society. The project is in accordance with the Local Action Plan for improving the position of refugees and internally displaced persons, returnees based on the readmission agreement, migrants without established status and asylum seekers in the City of Novi Sad for the period 2022-2025.

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We see it this way - Re-framing narratives about migration

The main goal of the project is to sensitize and connect media students from Subotica and Novi Sad with refugees and migrants who are staying in Reception Centers in Subotica, Sombor and Šid through a one-semester course. The course will be conducted in Hungarian and Serbian for media students from Subotica and Novi Sad.

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Service center - starting point

Aiming to improve the availability of services intended for returnees based on the Readmission Agreement and to increase their level of information about local services and other available forms of support, as well as to improve social cohesion, acceptance of diversity and the development of social and personal competencies of children and young returnees and non-returnees in Novi Sad, a new project has been launched.

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Field of intervention "Access to water"

The project "Reduction of additional vulnerability of Roma and other marginalized groups, caused by COVID 19 pandemic in 18 local self government (LSGs)" is realized by the SIPRU General Secretariat (Belgrade) with sub-implementation partners: Center for Interactive Pedagogy and Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization. These activities are part of the German Development Cooperation Program "Inclusion of Roma and Other Marginalized Groups in Serbia", implemented by the German Org

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Building and Working Toward Inclusive Raška - European Housing Support and Active Involvement Program

Social inclusion is an important factor in empowering people from vulnerable groups living in the Municipality of Raška. It is one of the three activities implemented within the project "Building and Working Toward Inclusive Raška - European Housing Support and Active Involvement Program." This project is supported by socially disadvantaged families belonging to the Roma community, women victims of domestic violence and people with disabilities.

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Providing additional support in education to children from vulnerable groups in response to the pandemic COVID 19

The aim of this project is to support school children and their parents who are additionally affected by the covid19 crisis and who are on the brink of extinction. With additional individual and digital support to school children at risk of social exclusion, as well as their active participation in the educational process will improve their safe upbringing in a healthy family environment.

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With and for the Roma in the Danube Region

“With and for the Roma in the Danube Region” is a project that aims to exchange experiences, knowledge and examples of good practice in working with the Roma community and other marginalized groups in the countries of the Danube region.

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Podrška za novi početak - Assistance for a New Start

Assistance for a New Start

This project is being implemented with the aim to improve reintegration of returnees in Serbia, by providing them with better legal access to public services, better access to employment and improvement of their living conditions.

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Support to Cancer Patients

"RakInfo" is a support service for cancer patients that provides the necessary information and emotional support to cancer patients, their families and friends by phone, personal visits, emails and letters. The service operates on a basis of specially trained volunteers.

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EHO-Appeal, support for vulnerable Roma families during Covid-19

EHO provided humanitarian assistance packages to vulnerable Roma families on the territory of Serbia through the project "EHO-Apel, support for vulnerable Roma families during Covid-19", which was supported by the program Hope for Eastern Europe (Hoffnung fur Osteruropa - HfO ) and Diakonia Württemberg...

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