Providing additional support in education to children from vulnerable groups in response to the pandemic COVID 19

The aim of this project is to support school children and their parents who are additionally affected by the covid19 crisis and who are on the brink of extinction. With additional individual and digital support to school children at risk of social exclusion, as well as their active participation in the educational process will improve their safe upbringing in a healthy family environment.

Providing additional individual support to children at risk of dropping out of the education system is a model that involves children, their parents and teaching staff created in response to problems in the education system caused by the pandemic Covid 19.

The children are supported by tutors through individual work, which will lead to the improvement of their self-confidence as well as easier mastering of the school tasks. Working with children includes direct work as well as working online. In accordance with the new requirements, set through remote work, we are developing a new digital platform, which was piloted by EHO in the municipality of Raska. E-DOP is an additional e-classroom application that will facilitate access to teachers and tutors, but also the progress of children's success will be easy to track.

Individual tutoring with a child "one on one" will ensure better use of innovative ways of learning. A new, innovative service that provides additional support during crisis situations will provide better socialization for children from marginalized groups in Serbia. Through the involvement of peer tutors, we also promote volunteerism and solidarity between students, but also their sensitization.

By the end of the semester of this school year, 20 tutors will provide educational support (teaching) for 70 children.

The project is implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Žabalj, O.Š. "Milos Crnjanski", Zabalj, elementary school „J. J. Zmaj ”, Đurđevo, Center for Social Work of the Municipality of Žabalj and the Office for Roma Inclusion.


Implementation period: 1. April 2021 - December 31, 2021

Partners: HEKS / EPER, Switzerland

Coordinator: Milica Milović Kinoli