Post-flood rehabilitation through mobilization of the Roma community

The project "Post-flood rehabilitation through mobilization of the Roma community " was successfully completed at the end of July 2016.

EHO has successfully implemented one part of the "EHO Appeal - Floods in Serbia, 2014" by finishing the project " Post-flood rehabilitation through mobilization of the Roma community" in the period May 2015 - July 2016. The latter project was aimed to mobilize and empower Roma living in a Roma settlement in Mišar (City of Šabac), which was affected by the floods in Serbia in May 2014, through improvement of housing conditions and enabling of income generation.

During the floods in the Roma settlement in Mišar , one house was completely demolished, statics were damaged in four houses (buildings prone to collapse), and the remaining 12 houses were partially damaged.

During the project, four new houses were built and 13 houses were reconstructed. Bathrooms were built in all houses. Each family received a well with faucet, with a regular water supply.

EHO has once again applied a participatory working method, based on copyright model of work for housing conditions improvement in substandard Roma settlements - Reconstruction of substandard Roma settlements based on the needs of their inhabitants (Dweller Driven Roma Settlement Up-Grading Model).

Also, all families received grants for self-employment, income generation. The families were given sheep, pigs, chickens, means of work - a chainsaw, a boat engine, etc.

Today, housing conditions in this Roma community have improved, the families have been enabled to earn for living, and a group of women and men has been empowered to independently represent the rights and interests of the entire community.

The donor of the project is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). As a local partner of ELCA, EHO was in charge of the project implementation.