Completion of 6 housing units and sustainable integration of the most vulnerable (RHP) SRB1, SRB2 and SRB4 in 4 locations (Sombor (2), Apatin (1), Odžaci (1) and Šid (2)) in Vojvodina - 3interventions

Potpisivanje ugovora EHO i Centar za regionalizam

The Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization was awarded with a grant for implementation of the Project where the end beneficairies are families living in housing units at four locations in Vojvodina. The project is implemented as a part of the regional project - CARE CONTRIBUTION TO ACCESS OF REFUGEES AND IDPS TO RIGHTS AND EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. The sub-grant refers to housing support to selected families to complete works on their homes.

The project aims to contribute to better integration of the most vulnerable through the improvement of housing conditions in the homes of six families selected through the Regional Housing Program (RHP). Through the activities carried out by EHO, these families shall receive technical and professional help and support to install previously received construction material in their residential buildings.

The project is being implemented in the following territories: the municipality of Šid in the village of Morović for two families; on the territory of the municipality of Odžaci in the village of Bogojevo for one family; in Apatin for one family and on the territory of the city of Sombor; in the village of Bezdan for two families.

The project methodology is based on the respect for basic human rights and support to the vulnerable to exercise these rights. The Participatory approach to solving the housing needs of vulnerable groups (Dweller Driven house upgrading Model - DDM) is applied in this project EHO with a proven track record in many years through various housing projects in locations throughout Serbia.

The EHO sub-grant agreement was signed by the Center for Regionalism from Novi Sad in April 2020. The project is financed from EU funds and co-financed from funds provided for the improvement of housing conditions through a project supported by HEKS / EPER Switzerland.

For six beneficiary families, the project activities shall be implemented in the period of seven months during 2020.

Implementation period: 22 April 2020 to 30 November 2020.

Partners: Center for Regionalism/Serbia; Igman Initiative; HEKS/EPER Switzerland;


Coordinator: Slađana Jovanović >