EHO organized the Roma Forum 2022 - the perspective of journalists from Roma newsrooms on social inclusion processes in Serbia

Učesnici Foruma Roma 2022 održanog u Ćupriji

23. Nov 2022.

At this year's Roma Forum, the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization gathered journalists from Roma newsrooms from the territory of Serbia. Partners in the organization of the event are the Office for Inclusion of Roma AP Vojvodina, Radio Stara Čaršija, Association of Local and Independent Media Local Press and Kopernikus RTV Jagodina.

Roma Forum 2022 is organized within the project "Social inclusion of Roma and other vulnerable groups in Serbia 2019-2022", which is implemented by the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization from Novi Sad in partnership with 11 local governments in Serbia with the support of the Swiss organization HEKS/EPER. This year, the Roma Forum 2022 was held in Ćuprija, 28-30 October 2022, and all Roma journalists working in different media in Serbia are invited.

The goal of the Forum was the exchange of experiences when it comes to the process of social inclusion of Roma and other vulnerable groups in Serbia, the inclusion of Roma seen from the point of view of representatives of Roma newsrooms and the media, as well as the initiation of initiatives to improve prevention and the fight against discrimination, to which the participants of this year's Forum can significantly contribute from their position.

The implementation of the project is supported by HEKS/EPER, Switzerland.

Other media reports on this event (in Serbian language):