07. Dec 2022.

The term voluntarism comes from the Latin word - voluntas, which in translation would mean free will, that is, option or personal choice. This is the most important feature of volunteerism, because if it is not voluntary, it loses its essence.

Volunteer work is a form of citizen participation in community development processes. A volunteer can, without limitation, be anyone who independently, by their own choice, consciously and voluntarily wants and decides to contribute to the development of the community. A volunteer can perform all types of work and demonstrate his knowledge, skills and professionalism. The work of volunteers is important because they, by their own choice, perform tasks that are important to others but they are not able to do them, they give new ideas, they encourage different activities.

In the reception center in Sombor, as part of the project "Protection support and humanitarian aid to people on the move", we conduct artistic occupation workshops, which are successfully carried out with the selfless support of our volunteers Leon and Dragana.

Dragana Drljević is a teacher who contributes knowledge and experience in working with children. Leon Bauer is a sociologist by profession and a band member, drummer, musician. With a cheerful approach and accepting challenges through play and laughter, they provide support to people who desperately need it.

Volunteering gives us the opportunity to accept responsibility for the circumstances in which we live, for relationships with people, those we know and those we don't know. The experience of volunteering contributes to building a critical attitude, choosing values and principles by which we will live.

Our volunteers say: Volunteer!

The project "Protection support and humanitarian aid to people on the move" is financed by HEKS/EPER, Switzerland.