Distribution of gift packets in Reception Centers in Šid and Sombor

24. Dec 2022.

As part of the EHO project "Empowerment of Refugee Women and Children", in the Reception Centers in Šid and Sombor, on 20 December and respectively on 21 December, New Year's performances were held with distribution of packets for children staying in the mentioned centers.

The children from the Reception Center were animated by the actors of the Amateur Theater "Branislav Nušić" from Šid, and on that occasion they performed the plays "Vitamins, healthy fines" and "The Emperor's New Suit". The performance was followed by the distribution of packages, photo taking and dancing with the actors and Santa Claus. During the activity, there was a festive, cheerful atmosphere.

During the previous weeks, professional associates engaged in organizing workshops for children staying in the aforementioned reception centers focused their activities on making New Year's decorations, in order to welcome New Year's joys with the children. During the performance, colleagues from IOM provided translation into Arabic.

The activities organized in the reception centers in Šid and Sombor are part of the project: "Empowerment of Migrant Women and Children" supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and are implemented with the help and support of the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia (KIRS).