In step with the New Year holidays

Volonteri projekta su sa osmehom uručili deci zahvlanice i paketiće

27. Dec 2022.

During the past week, as part of the project "Field work with children who are at risk of being involved in life and/or work on the street", activities were carried out that brought New Year's joy closer to children. Thus, a children's play was organized, after which the children who participated in the project workshops throughout the year were presented with thank-you notes and New Year's packages by the volunteers. Also, in order to complete the festive mood for children and young people, a special surprise was prepared, which included a screening of the EHO project film "Urban Desert" at the Arena Cineplex cinema. Thanks to the openness of our dear friends from Arena Cineplex, children and young people had the opportunity to remember how they created art and to invite their friends to proudly show them their work. Nenad's grandmother expressed her special joy and pride in her grandson, peer educator Nenad Ristić, with her presence.

The above-mentioned project has been implemented by EHO since 2009 with support of the H.Stepic foundation from Vienna/Austria.