The Winter School held in Šid

16. Jan 2023.

In the period from 9th Janury 2023 to 13th January 2023 The Winter School was held at the elementary school "Sremski Front" in Šid. This project was designed in the form of workshops for school-age children from the Šid Reception Center, as well as for children who regularly attend this school.

The idea came from UNICEF, which was realized in cooperation with the school, the Commissariat for Refugees and the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization. Children from PC Šid attended daily activities, i.e. workshops, which included: Serbian language as a non-native language, English language, creative workshops, intercultural workshops, and sports workshops.

Educator of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization, who is engaged in the project "Empowerment of refugee women and children", held two activities as part of creative workshops, namely: drawing on the theme "Friendship" and coloring winter motifs on Styrofoam hearts.

During the activity, there was a pleasant atmosphere, the children enjoyed socializing and learning through play.

The project "Empowerment of refugee women and children" is implemented by the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization with the support of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).