30 years of continuous work of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization from Novi Sad and Day of Social Justice

21. Feb 2023.

Today in Novi Sad, the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization marked 30 years of its work and social impact with a press conference, with the announcement of a series of events that will follow in the coming period.

In this time-span, a minor local distributor of humanitarian aid developed into an organization that comprehensively works through social activism and project implementation to improve the living conditions and advance the social rights of various vulnerable groups in our society, thereby influencing the overcoming of their social exclusion, inequality and poverty. Today, when the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization marks 30 years of its work, Social Justice Day is celebrated in the world and in our country. 

With its further activities, initiatives, projects and the trail it leaves, together with all vulnerable social groups, through mutual empowerment, growth and personal development, by achieving equal opportunities and social justice for all, the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization shall continue to write the pages of the new 30 years of its work.

Through it's humanitarian and diaconal work, EHO witnessed various changes and events that took place not only on the territory of Serbia, on the Balkans, but also throughout the world. Through it's activism for civil society, it was, and still is, a witness to changes and events that are the result of natural disasters and disasters, social disruptions, geopolitical tensions, health, social and economic crises.

The President of the Assembly of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization, Andrija Marčok, pointed out that the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization was founded on February 19, 1993 at the initiative of the World Council of Churches. The reason for establishing EHO was the need to provide humanitarian aid (meals, medicine, firewood) to vulnerable residents of Vojvodina, regardless of religious or national affiliation. Thanks to its predominantly humanitarian activity, EHO was recognized as a leading humanitarian organization during the 90s of the last century. Marčok further stated that the organization was at the same time a unique example of the cooperation of churches in the performance of diaconal work, gathered around the same goal, bearing in mind that it was founded as an association of citizens by representatives of various churches in Vojvodina and that the current composition of the EHO assembly consists of representatives of the Slovak Evangelical AV Church in Serbia, the Reformed Christian Church in Serbia, the Apostolic Exarchate of St. Nicholas for Greek Catholics in Serbia and Montenegro and Evangelical Christian AV church in Serbia - Vojvodina.

After the President of the EHO Assembly, the director of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization, Anna Brtka Valent, addressed those present. Brtka Valent stated that it is a great honor to be in the position of director of such an organization, and that she, like the previous directors, has a huge task from the first day, that the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization, through the development of the organization itself, direct work with users and activities aimed at public advocacy, remain a sufficiently strong and capable partner in social activism. At the same time, Brtka Valent added, the challenge is to provide funds for the work and implementation of project activities, especially in times of humanitarian, health and other crises, and that the strength of the organization lies precisely in the ability to respond quickly. Despite all these challenges, the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization manages to have about 40 active projects on an annual level, implemented not only on the territory of Vojvodina, but also on the territory of the entire Serbia, it has empowered and empowers not only members of vulnerable groups, but also relevant institutions and associations that deal with human rights, because it follows the Christian belief that all people are equal and that equality is achievable in every society.

At the very end of the conference, Anna Brtka Valent announced a series of events that will follow in the coming period, namely:

  • the central celebration that will be held on May 10 , 2023 as part of a partnership meeting, where EHO, together with representatives of the target groups it helps, will present its work, and at the same time present the publication " Our first 30 years " and a documentary film ;
  • photo exhibition "30 photos for 30 years " which will last 30 days ;
  • participatory meetings with all relevant domestic and foreign actors, in order to develop a strategic plan for the next period , which follows changes in the environment and changes in the organization itself

The exact time and place of these events will be announced later.

You can find out more about the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization at:
EHO website
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