World NGO Day 2023.

world ngo day

02. Mar 2023.

The World Day of Non-Governmental Organizations is celebrated to celebrate all non-governmental, non-profit organizations and to recognize their impact on the world, environment, people and values. Although the history of non-governmental organizations is long, their influence on society and the social problems they deal with is growing every day.

The day was officially recognized in 2010 by 12 member states of the Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Baltic Sea, and in 2014 it was recognized by the European Union, the United Nations and other international organizations.

By definition, a non-governmental organization is an organization that is "a non-profit, volunteer association of citizens that at the local, national or international level deals with problems and provides support in solving them with the aim of public good."

Ecumenical humanitarian organization is one of 35,000 currently registered non-governmental organizations in Serbia. On this occasion, we would like to use today to look back on everything that our organization has done in the past 30 years of its existence and in what way it has contributed to improving the quality of life of its users.

Also, on this occasion, we would like to thank all donors, institutions, all collaborators, selfless people who have been with us all these years and thanks to whom we can continue to grow and help and contribute to our society.

You can find more about our organization on our website: