Beginning of the lectures on ethical reporting on migration

31. Mar 2023.

The joint lectures of the Faculty of Teachers in the Hungarian teaching language and the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) are started!

As part of the project "We see it this way. Reframing narratives about migration", students of the communication department of the aforementioned faculty participate in a series of lectures/workshops on the topic of ethical reporting on vulnerable groups, as well as on crisis journalism.

During the project, participants will have the opportunity to adopt approaches in working towards vulnerable groups, such as migrants, refugees, socially vulnerable groups, national and ethnic minority groups.

Project activities include discussions, group work, analysis of documentary films and active participation of students from the Department of Communications, who in the last phase of the project will meet potential interlocutors at the Living Library and record short video stories on the topic of the project. Lecturers on the project are Ida Boka, journalist and civil society activist and Viktoria Zakinski Toma, assistant at the department and journalist.

The project is implemented in cooperation with IOM, with the support of Switzerland.