Invitation to the workshop "In someone else's shoes"

08. Sep 2023.

There are invisible people around us. They appear in the media and in public only when a problem arises, and even then many people are relieved because they can blame them. Some find it easier if they direct their anger towards them, without thinking of some of their own frustrations. People from the margins are to blame, because we often call them that.

How thin is that margin? And how willing are we to put on their shoes and walk that fine line, so that we can truly understand the difficulties they go through and the suffering they often experience? Are we open enough to understand that sometimes they are also happy? Grateful? Unstereotypically and unexpectedly happy and grateful...

We invite you to a workshop on migration, where we aim to take you out of your shoes so that you can try on someone else's. What is it like to walk in those shoes? Are they worn out? Are they tight?

We will probably never fully understand. Perhaps more important is what we are trying to understand in the first place.

We are a group of youth workers, journalists, drama pedagogues and artists, who came together as part of EHO's projects dealing with migration. After a year of working in the field, both with refugees/migrants, as well as with the local community and media students, we would like to invite you to jointly try educational methods aimed at awakening empathy and understanding, and as a method they use living stories, documentary films, drama and fine arts.

The workshop will be held on September 20. from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the premises of the Barka Cultural Station, Čenejska 54, Novi Sad.

You can register via email at In the email, send your name, phone number and a short explanation/motivation for why you are applying.

Registration for the workshop is mandatory as places are limited.

This activity is part of the project "Protection support and humanitarian aid to people on the move" implemented by the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization with the financial support of HEKS/EPER from Switzerland.