Realisation of daily EHO activities in Reception Center Šid-station

Donacija opreme za kriket

11. Sep 2023.

During the past week, in the Reception Center in Šid, the educators of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization organized educational, creative and sports activities as a form of support for the persons housed in the Center. Through educational activities, young people had the opportunity to learn the Serbian language. Workshop participants expressed their creative inclinations through the skill of making bracelets. Since the users of the Center have an affinity for playing cricket, a cooperation was established with the Cricket Federation of Serbia, which includes organizing weekly training sessions for the youth from the Center. In accordance with the aforementioned, we thank the Cricket Federation of Serbia for the equipment donation.

The Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization carries out the above-mentioned activities within the project "Empowerment of refugee women and children" supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Church from Chicago.