A new EHO Painting workshop session held in the Reception Center in Šid

Arif Ademi, vršnjački edukator

19. Sep 2023.

During the past week, an art workshop was held in the Reception Center in Šid, organized by academic painter and art group professor Danijela Vimić. The workshop was realized in cooperation with EHO educators, engaged in the project "Empowerment of refugee women and children". The workshop was focused on an artistic representation of a new beginning aiming to encourage the making of meaningful memories for the persons dwelling in the Reception Center. The feeling of acceptance and understanding is what permeates the daily work of educators. Our peer educator Arif Ademi, involved in another EHO program that promotes youth activism, also participated in the workshop. The products of the workshop were painted t-shirts with different motifs. Each painted motive had an individual meaning each involved participants, which is seen as the making of new beginnings.

This activity was realized in the Reception Centers in Šid and Sombor within the support framework from the Chicago based Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.