A presentation of the 6 local project results within the EHO's own "Strengthening of local Roma organizations"


26. Sep 2023.

Unless we tackle poverty and give educational support to Roma children, we will be faced with deepening of social inequalities and marginalization of this community. Education is fundamental to create real opportunities for Roma children, and the lack of such support leads to further poverty and less opportunities for future success and contribution to society... These are some of the conclusions from the event on presentation of the results of 6 local projects held on Friday, 22th June 2023 at 11AM in the premises of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization.

EHO project "Strengthening of local Roma organizations" project began in February 2023 aiming to contribute to the empowering Roma citizens' associations by implementing further sub-projects, i.e. local initiatives that respond to the social, educational, cultural and other needs of the Roma community which  improve and advance the position of the Roma community at the local level.

As part of the project, 6 forums were held with over 100 representatives of the Roma community in Novi Sad, Smederevka Palanka, Tovariševo, Bačko Gradište, Leban and Surdulica. The participants were parents of elementary school children, students, representatives of institutions and local Roma organizations.

The topic of the forum was how to provide greater support for children in education by parents and guardians and how to prevent children from dropping out of school. The forums also served to identify the difficulties and challenges that parents face on a daily basis.

Based on the information gathered at the forums and identified problems in the communities, small local projects were created in response to those needs and solving community problems. Local projects were implemented from April to August and the amount of the EHO grant support was 2000 EUR per project.

The local initiatives that were chosen are:

     "It's not difficult to be IN" implemented by the Herz Roma Association from Lebane,
     "Center for Roma Integration" implemented by the Humanitarian Association Association of Roma Intellectuals from Prekodolca,
     "Initiative small and large learn together" implemented by the Center for the Development of the Roma Community "Amaro drom" from Smederevska Palanka,
     "Promoting dual education" implemented by the Women's Association "Educational Center of Young Hopes",
     "Only through education do we positively change ourselves and the environment" implemented by the Humanitarian Association "Čarain" from Tovariševo, and
     "Support for socially vulnerable participants of the final classes" implemented by the Humanitarian Association "Đina" from Bački Gradište.

All projects deal with the empowerment of Roma children and their parents and guardians to continue their education - finishing primary school and enrolling in secondary school.

Supporting Roma children in education is crucial for their success and integration into society. By providing support through mentoring programs, financial assistance and educational resources, they are enabled to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential in education.

The "Strengthening of local Roma Organizations" project is implemented with support of the Hoffnung fur Osteruropa and Diakonie Württemberg from Germany.