Education and integration of Roma children in Prekodolce

02. Nov 2023.

In a wholehearted effort to facilitate the education and integration of Roma children, the Association of Roma Intellectuals from Prekodolce is launching a local initiative called the "Center for Roma Integration". The goal of this initiative was to promote education among the Roma population, especially among those children who attend classes irregularly or face challenges in schooling.

By implementing this program, the Association organized a total of 36 educational workshops for 45 Roma children of different ages, including preschoolers, school-age children and high school students. These workshops dealt with different aspects of education, providing support for learning and creating motivation for regular school attendance.

In addition to educational activities, the Association also provided legal and advisory assistance so that parents of Roma children could exercise their legal rights. Through six informative meetings with parents, necessary information and support was provided to overcome administrative and legal challenges that often prevent Roma children from achieving their educational goals.

This project also aimed to strengthen the technical, personnel and organizational capacities of the Association of Roma Intellectuals from Prekodolce. With a comprehensive approach, this local initiative not only opened the door to the education of Roma children, but also provided support to their families, contributing to the overall development of the community.

This project is part of the project of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization "Strengthening of local Roma organizations" supported by Diakonie Württemberg (DWW- Diakonisches Werk Württemberg) from Germany.

"Strengthening of local Roma organizations" aims to empower Roma citizens' associations to launch local initiatives that contribute to improving the position of the Roma community at the local level through the implementation of small local projects. Small local projects are related to solving the problems of education of marginalized children at the level of their local communities. The target group is people from marginalized groups, Roma children, children from foster families and their parents/guardians. The implementation of project activities took place on the territory of the following municipalities: Surdulica, Lebane, Smederevska Palanka, Bačka Palanka (village Tovariševo), Novi Sad, Bečej (village Bačko Gradište).