Accredited training for primary and secondary schools in Velika Plana, Surčin and Kovin

03. Nov 2023.

During the October 2023, employees from four primary and one secondary schools from the municipalities of Velika Plana, Surčin and Kovin had the opportunity to attend accredited training within the educational component of the project "Social inclusion for dignified life of Roma and other vulnerable persons in the Republic of Serbia 2023-2026".

In three trainings held raised were competences of teachers to encourage the social-emotional learning and development of children, strengthening the educational role of the school in the direction of the development of intercultural education and the application of an inclusive and democratic approach in education.

Through the guidance of the program implementer, group work, the participants were able to acquire knowledge in the field of forming value attitudes, strengthening the capacity of teaching and professional staff and creating a school environment with an emphasis on respect for diversity, equality and fairness in order to ensure equal quality education for all.

Participating schools are the elementary school "Karađorđe" and the secondary technical school "Nikola Tesla" from Velika Plana, then the elementary schools "Miša Stojaković Gaj" and "Bora Radić" from Kovin, and the elementary school "22 Oktobar" from Surčin.

During the month of November, the continuation of accredited trainings on Inclusion topics is planned.

The project is financed by HEKS EPER, Switzerland.