On the occasion of the International Day of Volunteers: Support that pushes boundaries

03. Dec 2023.

During the past weekend, on the occasion of International Volunteer Day, a workshop on the importance of volunteerism was held at the premises of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization.

In the first part of the workshop, the volunteers had the opportunity to share the experiences they have gained so far while learning in different actions. It was interesting to hear what made someone decide to become a volunteer, and what skills they acquired during volunteer work. All volunteers have one thing in common: providing voluntary support stems from the need to help. Experiences gained during various jobs are also important, because they are incorporated into even better and better performance of each subsequent job. Volunteering, workshop participants agreed, develops openness and communication skills, resourcefulness and broadens horizons.

During the workshop, the volunteers had the opportunity to recall all the activities in which they participated, through photographs showing the work in the field. By selecting photos, the participants wrote the story of their work. The set of photos also speaks volumes about the motivation for doing volunteer work, and about the fact that providing support and help, in addition to making the lives of many people easier, immeasurably enriches the one who professionally and wholeheartedly provides that help.

Through the project "Support to children who are at risk of being involved in life and/or work on the street", 17 volunteers and 5 peer educators were involved in 2023. The project is supported by the H. Stepic Foundation of Vienna.