Waterproofing tool from EHO that makes a business dream come true


07. Dec 2023.

The waterproofing tool, donated to Enis Ademi from  the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization came into the right hands - Enis has been involved in this business for several years and intends to improve his skills in this craft soon.

From the first day he started waterproofing, he knew that this was exactly what he wanted to do in the future. He works in a team with four other colleagues.

Enis, after receiving a valuable waterproofing tool from EHO, has the ambition to, further improve his business together with the team he works with, expand his service portfolio and provide himself a greater economic stability.

Enis is confident that the support he has received from EHO will help him achieve his ambitions and dreams in the future.

The project "Education and economic empowerment of marginalized groups" is implemented with the support of Brot für die Welt and Diakonie Württemberg / Hoffnung für Osteuropa from Germany.