On the occasion of the International Day of Education

24. Jan 2024.

Since January 24th was declared the International Day of Education by the General Assembly of the United Nations, in the Reception Center Šid-station, associates of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization held a workshop on the importance of education.

At the workshop, it was emphasized that education is the right of every human being, and it is necessary that it be available to every child, regardless of the area they come from, the environment they live in, or their social status.

In addition to this workshop, associates engaged in the project "Empowerment of women and children of refugees" deal with the informal education of children and young people on a daily basis. Beside the education at the Reception Center, focused on the daily learning of school subjects, the importance of going to school was emphasized, both for education and for socialization and integration into society.

After the lecture, the participants wrote short messages about what education means to them and, with the support of the assistants, posted the messages on the board. The aim of this activity is to raise awareness about the importance of education for life and the possibilities and participation in the system.

The project "Empowering refugee women and children" is implemented by the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization with the support of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).