Closure of the project "Training of parents-guardians in order to adequately stimulate the child's psychomotor development"

31. Jan 2024.

Implemented project activities during 2023: 12 workshops for parents and continuous supervisory support for 7 families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. The workshops were conducted in the premises of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization, as well as online through a viber group created for that purpose. During the implementation of the project, parents-guardians had continuous support in all segments with an emphasis on their own empowerment.

With this project, we trained parents and motivated them to recognize the potentials and opportunities of their children, not focusing on shortcomings and deficits, aiming to enable the children to move toward greater independence, and therefore the best possible psychomotor status.

Also, we provided parents and guardians of a child with developmental difficulties with continuous information and help in understanding diagnoses, as well as empowerment in the decision-making process when choosing interventions, ie including the child in stimulating treatments, as well as educational institutions.

During the implementation of the program, we reached the desired goals, such as:
- progress in the psychomotor development of the child in relation to what the parent has set as a goal for his child, but also in relation to the initial diagnosis of the expert
- improvement of the child's engagement, improvement of his communication and behavior
- improvement of family functioning
- preserving and improving the mental health of parents
- reduction of stigmatization in the community