Fourth meeting of associates on the educational component

12. Feb 2024.

The fourth meeting with project asociates on the educational component within the project "Education and economic empowerment of marginalized groups" (realized with the financial support of Brot für die Welt and Diakonie Württemberg/Hoffnung für Osteuropa from Germany) was held on 7h February 2024 in the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization.

The topics of the meeting were different and current and aimed at empowering associates, achievements and successes of supported pupils.

Through various activities, the collaborators had the opportunity to evaluate their work through the exchange of experiences, reflection and discussion, and with the help of Sonja Miladinović, who led the meeting, reach certain conclusions with which they will be able to improve their work.

Our network of external associates consists of teachers, pedagogues, pedagogical assistants and educators engaged in the project to support pupils in the school system with their knowledge, work and experience.

The educational component of the project is implemented in four primary and two secondary schools in Vojvodina. Support is continuously provided to 360 pupils, and the goal of this component is to improve the educational integration of children and youth from marginalized groups.