EHO study visit "Exchange of experiences in the fight against antigypsyism" in Berlin

Komemoracija kod spomenika Romima i Sintima

26. Mar 2024.

Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization organized a study visit "Exchange of experiences in the fight against antigypsyism" in Berlin/Germany from 18 to 22 March 2024.

Members of the study group from Serbia (representatives of institutions and the non-governmental sector that are actively working to reduce discrimination against Roma and prevent anti-Gypsyism) visited the Museum of Topography of Terror on the first day and toured the monuments dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust. At the monument to Roma and Sinti - victims of Nazi persecution during World War II, a commemoration was held and flowers were laid on the monument.

Members of the delegation had the opportunity to visit the German State Agency for Reporting and Recording Cases of Antigypsyism - MIA. The delegation was received by the director of the Agency Guillermo Ruiz, deputy director Mustafa Jakupov and researcher and incident analyst Jusel Meheroglu. During the visit, the work of the MIA Agency was presented, the way it works and the presentation of cases, as well as how they carry out the education of employees in state institutions.

Slađana Jovanović, program coordinator of the project "Social inclusion of Roma and other vulnerable groups in Serbia", presented the components of the project, especially the component dealing with the prevention of discrimination and anti-Gypsyism.

On the third day of the visit, members of the study group met with representatives of the non-governmental organizations Amaro Drom and Amaro Foro, where they had the opportunity to learn about their work and activities.

Within the Amaro Foro organization, there is also a Dosta center that helps victims of antigypsyism, so the activists who work there presented several cases and ways of fighting against such a social phenomenon.

The visit to Berlin was significant in many ways because the members of the study group had the opportunity to get relevant information on the ground about how Germany has institutionalized the fight against discrimination and antigypsyism and how non-governmental organizations are an important part of that fight.

On the other hand, the German hosts were informed about the experiences and practices of Serbia in the fight against discrimination against Roma and anti-Gypsyism.

The project "Social inclusion of Roma and other vulnerable groups in the Republic of Serbia 2023-2026" is supported by HEKS EPER, Switzerland.