A session of the Novi Sad City Council for Persons with Disabilities in EHO

27. Mar 2024.

Our organization hosted the 101st session of the Council for Persons with Disabilities of the City Assembly of Novi Sad on the 26th March, 2024. Sonja Radaković, the president of the Council, opened the session and greeted the present members, after which director Anna Brtka Valent presented our organization and work. Special emphasis in the presentation was placed on the work and assistance that EHO provided and provides to people with disabilities. This area also includes the EHO tailoring workshop, a project that has been employing women with disabilities and mental disorders for the past seven years to recycle used clothing, provide tailoring services, and hold a tailoring course for the disabled. Members of the Council had the opportunity to see the work of seamstresses, unique tailoring products, and see the usefulness and innovation of this project. The council was also attended by the mayor's assistant Ljiljana Koković, who expressed her satisfaction with the long-term fruitful cooperation between EHO and the City of Novi Sad and thanked our organization for its contribution and care for marginalized citizens of Novi Sad.