Celebrating April 8 - International Roma Day at the Primary School "19 October" in Maršić, Kragujevac

Obeležavanje Dana ružičastih majica-dan borbe protiv vršnjačkog nasilja, OŠ 19. Oktoba

11. Apr 2024.

Celebrating the International Roma Day, our partner school "19. October" in Maršić organized the final promotion and presentation of the results of the school project "Diversities that connect". This project is one of 11 school projects supported by a grant from the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization through the project "Social inclusion for a dignified life of Roma and other vulnerable people in Serbia 2023-2026".

The school team, together with the pupils, has been dedicatedly working since December last year to improve the educational status of Roma and other vulnerable groups, promote intercultural dialogue and encourage social inclusion of children and young people. Workshops with children and parents have been actively organized for several months. Students and their parents took an active role in marking the International Day of Protest Against Bullying - Pink T-Shirt Day. Through learning about the culture and history of the Roma, creating art works, painting the interior of the school, and cultural performances, students were presented with the wealth of tolerance and diversity.

In anticipation of April 8 – International Roma Day, a parent gave a lecture about Roma holidays and customs. On the day of the ceremony itself, all the guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with this important date, to visit the exhibition of works representing the history, culture and tradition of the Roma, as well as the painted corridor of the school, as a reminder of the wealth of the community. The final part of the ceremony was a concert performed by students of the music school.

The elementary school "19. Oktobar" was visited on April 8 by guests from the institutions of the City of Kragujevac, among whom was Dr. Gordana Damjanović, assistant to the mayor for health and social protection, human and minority rights, head of the department for human and minority rights Ivana Obradović, coordinator for Roma issues Zoran Pavlović and health mediator Svetlana Lazović.