Inspirational gamechangers in the eco-social work

12. Apr 2024.

The inspiring model of work with socially vulnerable communities in Serbia, which the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization developed and implemented with the support of the HEKS/EPER organization from Switzerland, is on the agenda of the European Social Work Conference (

The Eurodiaconia, of which EHO is a long-term member, nominated the presentation of the Dweller Driven Settlement Upgrading Model (DDM) model as an example of positive change in the lives of socially marginalized people.

This model of housing support, which has been implemented in municipalities in Serbia for many years, is aimed at helping members of vulnerable groups, most of whom are Roma, who live in poor housing conditions and are at risk of energy poverty.

Slađana Jovanović, EHO project coordinator, points out the following about participation in the conference:

"It is important to highlight the fact that during the 30 years of work and existence of EHO, we have created many inspiring practices in our work, developed good models of community involvement and achieved significant results by bringing positive changes to the lives of our fellow citizens from socially sensitive groups. However, compared to the large number of marginalized people who need help, it is not enough. Unfortunately, aid often never reaches all the poorest members of our society.

This is a call to all of us to start acting now, to put more effort into implementing all these good examples more and more widely. We must act together and support each other in breaking the chains of social injustice, environmental discrimination and unequal treatment towards the most socially vulnerable members of our community".

The conference is part of Belgium's presidency of the European Union and will be held in Bruges on April 25 and 26, 2024.