Training on writing a business plan held in the premises of EHO

28. Jun 2024.

A new cycle of training sessions on writing a business plan was held successfully In the premises of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization on 26th June 2024. This educational event brought together candidates from Vojvodina who applied for the grant awarding competition for the purchase of new machines and equipment, with intent of starting or improving their own business.

During the training, the present candidates received the opportunity to have professional support and advice from the EHO team. This help enabled them to master all aspects of creating a business plan, toward a more secure economic future for themselves and their families.

The participants presented a variety of business plans about various activities, including manicure and pedicure services, welding jobs, woodworking, plumbing and others. The training provided a valuable opportunity to all participants to become familiar with key business concepts and elements that contribute to a successful business.

Some of these candidates shall be selected for additional help in purchasing tools. This support is part of the project "Education and economic empowerment of marginalized groups", which is implemented with the support of German organizations Brot für die Welt and Diakonie Württemberg / Hoffnung für Osteuropa.