EHO activists at the "I have a dream" training in Berlin

Berlin, trening  I have a dream, predstavljanje zemalja učesnika, primeri dobre prakse

02. Jul 2024.

A training course on human rights entitled "I have a dream" was held in the period from 21-28 May 2024 in Berlin, in which three ambassadors of anti-Gypsyism involved in the EHO project "Social inclusion for a dignified life of Roma and other sensitive persons in Serbia" participated.

The training was attended by 27 participants from 8 countries, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Germany and Serbia.

During the one-week course, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, what identity is, and what national and ethnic affiliation means. Through joint work, the participants were presented with the Pyramid of Hate, and they got closer to the meanings of terms such as stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, violence and genocide.

Each of the 8 countries that participated in the training had the task of presenting their country through legal acts, strategies, documents and signed conventions related to human rights and the rights of national minorities.

During the training, the participants also had the opportunity to meet and discuss examples of good practice with two German politicians who are employed in Berlin's municipal administrations.

The participants of the training course, 27 of them, through group work in mixed groups, interactively adopted numerous new terms, terms and topics that they will apply in their activist work in the coming period.