Cooperation agreement signed with elementary school "Veljko Petrović" from Begeč

Potpisivanje Sporazuma o saradnji u OŠ Veljko Petrović, Begeč

27. Nov 2020.

Beginning with the school-year of 2017/2018, children from substandard settlement "Bangladeš" in Novi Sad attend elementary school „Veljko Petrović“ in Begeč. Thanks to good organization of the management of the same school,  accessibility to education system and active attendance in curriculum is greatly facilited to the these children.

The idea of continuous support and monitoring of pupils in educational system is a significant step forward in the prevention of children's drop-out from school. Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization has continuously provided the support to children and families from "Bangladeš" since 2009 within the project „Field work with children at risk from involvement in life and/or work at street" (H.Stepic CEE Charity).The project support portfolio includes a distribution of other support form provided by the project, i.e., school supplies, beside involvement of children in workshops organized in the project. This form of support for children from "Bangladeš" was begun in 2020 and shall be realized onwards in cooperation with the school „Veljko Petrović“ in Begeč. 

Guided with an idea of safe and comfortable environment during the distrubution of NewYear/Christmas gift packs, volunteers of Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization shall distrubute these items to pupils grade 1-4 both in the "Bangladeš" settlement and in school „Veljko Petrović“, with an overarching idea of mutual giving and sharing. Such involvement of children should entice the cretaion of an inclusive envirionment where each individual child is respected and honored. 

The project „Field work with children at risk from involvement in life and/or work at street" provides a continuous support to childrenin educational system since 2016.