Old craft skills for a new job

Uručivanje opreme

28. Nov 2020.

Džemalj Memeti is a beneficiary of the EHO project "Improvement of the socio-economic situation of the marginalized in Vojvodina through education and economic empowerment". He is supported with tools for his blacksmith and welding vocation. The donation list includes: anvil, locksmith's clamp, grinder and a pole drill, electric welder and hands-free welding mask, in accordance with the planned project activity. Džemalj performs blacksmithing and welding services on agricultural machines. Given his rich experience and the fact that he works old and rare crafts, he believes that the additional equipment will help him to be more competitive on the market and succeed in developing his existing craft-business.

His beneficiary support package also included training on creating a business plan, procurement of equipment and tools for the best business ideas and mentoring and support.

The project is implemented with the support of Brot für die Welt and Diakonie Württemberg / Hoffnung für Osteuropa from Germany.