Report on Gender Based Differences in Social and Economic Areas in Urban Areas in Serbia

17. Mar 2021.

Although women in Serbia have the same rights as men, their position is worse in both the private and public spheres. Despite the regulated legislation, in practice there are still strong relations arising from the traditional patterns of power of men. You can read about the gender-based differences in the social and economic spheres in urban areas in Serbia in the new report by Nadežda Satarić, MA. The report was created within the project "Towards Gender Justice in Serbia - Young and Older Women Together" implemented by the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization as part of the ACT Alliance - Gender Justice Program 2020. The aim of the project is to hear the economic and social voice of women and provide their greater participation in society, and the project is being implemented in partnership with Philantroph, a charitable foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Read the report HERE. Important note: English translation on pages 11-18 of the document.