Participants of Sport Activities Workshop Received Thank-you Letters

Uručene zahvalnice za učesnike radionice Sportske aktivnosti

04. Oct 2021.

On Saturday, October 02 2021, the participants of the 3rd cycle of Sport Activities Workshops received appreciation notes from us. Special awards were given to peer educators who have built children’s skills through many years of participation in the project and for more than 3 years have played a significant role in providing support to children and young people who are supported through the project.

Namely, the project "Field work for children who are at risk of being involved in life and / or work on the street" has been implemented since 2009 with the support of H. Stepic CEE Foundation from Vienna. Through project activities, support is provided to children and young people in order to overcome all obstacles of active participation in society, and in this case inclusion in the educational system, as well as assistance in organizing free time. In that direction, the Sport Activities Workshops also aim to remove children and young people from the streets and provide a safer alternative for growing up.

In addition to the role of peer educators and volunteers engaged in the project, the organization and implementation of activities is also contributed by the Professional Police Association "Dr Rudolf Arčibald Rajs", with which a successful cooperation has been established for many years. 40 children from the substandard settlement of Veliki Rit were included in the mentioned activity. The next, 4th cycle of workshops is planned for the spring of 2022.