Softver za radno i socijalno osposobljavanje dece sa invaliditetom

Software for building professional and social capacities of children with disabilities

Starting from the premise that all children should have equal access to the education system, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization from Novi Sad and Macedonian organization "Open the Windows" from Skopje implemented, in 2015, a partnership project "Active Inclusion: E-accessible education in Serbia “. The aim of this project, supported by Diakonie Österreich and Brot für die Welt, was to promote the use of information and assistive technologies as a means of inclusion and participation of children with disabilities of primary school age in the education system.

Thanks to this project, the reading and writing software, which was originally made in Macedonian and Albanian, has been adapted into Serbian. The software is used for work and social training of children with disabilities and / or developmental disabilities, and its Serbian version is available on our website: