Home Assistance for Developmentally Challenged Children

The service is available to children with developmental disabilities i.e. children dependent on the daily support from their parents, family members and other service providers.

Service beneficiaries are children with developmental disabilities up to the age of 18 and young people whose parental rights have been extended up to the age of 26, namely:   

  • children with moderate, severe and severe forms of mental underdevelopment,     
  • children with physical impairments,     
  • children with sensory impairments,     
  • children with multiple impairments,     
  • children with pervasive disorders,     
  • children with severe chronic diseases.

The service involves the following activities:   

  • Assistance to ensure beneficiary nutrition, including per demand: food procurement, preparation of light meals and/or refreshing drinks;    
  • Help in maintaining beneficiary personal hygiene (help with dressing and undressing, washing, bathing, washing hair, combing, shaving, trimming nails);    
  • Medication intake control, assistance with movement and toilet routines, procurement and intake supervision of prescribed medication, shuttling to medical examinations, and ensuring the availability of basic health care per demand;    
  • Babysitting, animation, i.e. spending structured free time with the beneficiary (play, constant communication with the child - verbal and non-verbal, involving the child in doing chores, going for a walk, helping with activities in the local community);    
  • Helping parents in building basic child care skills;    
  • Help with housework and housekeeping.

The Home Assistance for Developmentally Challenged Children, in addition to the already mentioned activities that take place in the beneficiary home, also provides the opportunity for the realization of other activities aimed at the inclusion of a developmental challenged child in the community. 

[EHO received an appropriate Service Provision License issued by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs in December 2021]

Implementation period: January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023 in the municipality of Plandište

Partner: Municipality of Plandište

Project coordinator: Borka Vrekić >  borka@ehons.org