Daily Center for Children and Youth With Disabilities

Counseling-therapeutic and social-educational services include services of psychological and defectological clinical assessment and diagnostics, speech therapy, oligophrenological and psychological treatments for children, individual treatment-rehabilitation of children aged 0-18, and parental counseling. Work based on semi-intensive psychological, defectological and speech therapy treatment in group or individually, depending on the needs of the beneficiaries. For adults, the listed services include training for work on machines for processing: wood, metal, plastic, paper to canvas, depending on the possibilities and needs of the user.

The users of the service are children, youth and adults with mental and physical disabilities in the municipality of Raška.

Users who use the service for more than 4 hours a day are provided with one meal in accordance with their development or health needs.

The service is provided to the user continuously, every working day, or once or more during the week, to the extent provided by the individual support plan, the Decision of the Center for Social Work, and based on the Opinion of the Interdepartmental Commission.

Implementation period: January 1, 2023 - October 31, 2023

Partner: Municipality of Raška

Project coordinator: Borka Vrekić> borka@ehons.org