Club for Seniors

The Club for Seniors, which gathers about 30 seniors over the age of 65, operates in the Social-Diaconal Center “Bereš Karolj”. They come and hang out four days a week, Tuesday through Friday. During those days, they are offered various services that they can use according to their personal affinities and needs; medical consultations with doctors, pediatric services, pastoral and psychological counseling, etc. Occupational workshops and lectures are also organized for beneficiaries in various fields of interest, including events with a range of cultural and entertaining activities and celebrations of significant holidays and anniversaries.
The Marta Center Humanitarian Service provides assistance to socially disadvantaged users and categories of the population in the form of used clothes, shoes and furniture and laundry in Novi Sad. During 2019, assistance in the form of second-hand wardrobe, footwear and furniture was regularly used by over 50 families as well as by many associations. Laundry services are used by 20 marginalized families from Novi Sad.

Implementation period: January 1 - December 31, 2020

Partners: Otto per Mille of Italy and ELCA

Coordinator: Marija Parnicki>